Manchester United 2 obtain Kaka 4 hire

"Mirror" reported the long-term observations by the Arsenal players Bremen Mertesacker signings now become the target Cheap Soccer Jersey Liverpool, the Champions League qualification by distance further, this champion from the high of 26 age is likely to cash sales from the club, however the Reds football director Li Kemo has been to Germany before Christmas, is a personal visit, he saw a 1-2 home defeat to Weirder Bremen, Kaiserslautern game, then returning to the club immediately proceed to the roll-out of this proposed international high-level German, but first must clean Agar to create room for Mertesacker. Mertesacker from Hannover in 2006, when he moved to Bremen, amounting to purchase National Team Soccer Jerseys 300 million pounds, have finally risen to ten million pounds possibly even.
Although rumors are already Manchester United, Arsenal and Real Madrid's favor, but Reina Liverpool goalkeeper this week to simply accept the "Daily Star" interview, said he respects the contract with Liverpool, meaning that 28 years, Reyna will continue the potency of five seasons to the Red Army, which is to stay at Enfield over 11 years. The former Villarreal goalkeeper, said: "Those on the list of teams in the united states and abroad that people are tired with the scandal, I am to respect the project of the contract with Liverpool, the media is just not true in Rumors words, don't tell anyone I said so, the other hundred percent loyal to the Red Army, Liverpool really are a special club and I came here trying to play in Spain for over passion, as the Red Army with England National Soccer Team Jersey is really a honor for your goalkeeper would like to win more titles because of it. "
"Daily Mail" said Bolton, Arsenal are curious about renting teenager Carlos - Bella, who may have been the coach Arsenal Wenger open on Soccer replica jerseys the transfer market, and Professor Owen, director of Bolton - plan floor of a good personal friend, after Arsenal, who happen to be trained through the genius with this star from Virginia Hill, now Bella is predicted to sign up a group mutually beneficial results. Bella with England 8 Jersey Soccer current interest range from the more info Series A team Cheviot Verona and Valencia, but in comparison to players on loan from abroad, Arsenal is predicted that the accumulation of 21-year-old Bella more Premiership experience.

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